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Russell “Rusty” Robinson

“A single decision has the power to be life changing,” says Rusty Robinson. Starting Titan in his garage, Rusty has led the business from $0 to $100M+ in just 10 years.

Built on offering products with more features than the competition, at prices based on value, not just what the market will bear, Titan continues to soar — with Rusty’s leadership evolving on pace. “The human being I was at the start, was not who I knew I was going to need to be as the business grew,” he shares.

Rusty’s success tips:

  1. Love your customer more than you love your product.
  2. Give consumers the opportunity to buy the product they want, at a fair price.
  3. Learn what customers are looking for, and develop a plan to do it better.

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Russell “Rusty” Robinson