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Mark Gaulin

Business-critical IT solutions to 100+ organizations and home to 20,000+ employees, PCI’s mission is to provide certainty in an uncertain world, and this is echoed in Mark’s Gaulin’s leadership. His passion for the
company is clear, it’s contagious, and it’s a difference-maker.

Here are some of Mark’s tips:

  1. Let each person know their voice matters.
  2. Become your team members’ cheerleader.
  3. Get complacency and mediocrity out.
  4. Establish accountability.
  5. Break challenges into workable pieces.

Mark took over as majority owner and president three years ago, and dove in to rebooting the company. Empowered by his Vistage group, he says, “I don’t feel I’ve even started yet, with accomplishing what is possible.”

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