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Louis “Lou” Zaccone

“No person gets out of bed in the morning thinking, ‘I hope I get told what to do today,’” reflects Lou Zaccone. A 30-year Vistage member, Lou tirelessly advances HVAC institution Harshaw Trane’s vision of putting people first, ensuring the company’s 300+ associates (never called employees) are empowered to think for themselves.

“I used to approach my role as a leader thinking I had to have all the answers,” Lou says. “The wisdom of years has shown me that in fact, your people have the answers.”

Lou’s tips for an empowered team:

  1. Find a way to pull out the knowledge your people already have.
  2. Always have a plan B.
  3. Roleplay. Make it more challenging than the real-life scenario.
  4. Never stop learning.

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Louis “Lou” Zaccone