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Kirt Gilliland

After 30 years in San Diego’s design and construction industry, driven by a passion to serve clients and have his own firm, Kirt made the bold decision to launch his business in 2015. His team has doubled in size this year and revenues are on pace to grow by nearly 75%.

Since joining Vistage, Kirt has reduced his project management hours by 90%, so that he can work “on” instead of “in” the company, diversified clientele, and is putting a solid exit plan in place.

Kirt’s tips for exit planning:

  1. Make yourself  “obsolete.” Can your team run without you?
  2. Put clear systems in place. (Manuals, IT, etc.)
  3. Diversify clients to support longevity.
  4. Outsource if needed so all roles are covered.

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