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Justin Krueger

There’s a reason Justin Krueger’s Chair calls him, “one of the most giving humans I have ever met.” President & CEO of MFRG-ICON Construction, Justin’s mission is to create safe, comfortable housing in underserved communities. “We’re blessed. Every day we change and impact people’s lives through our efforts,” he says.

Drawing from personal triumphs and challenges, Justin instills a profound sense of purpose in his team. Keys to his leadership:

  1. Your bottom line does not define your company.
  2. Invest in culture, people and technology.
  3. People want a purpose — not just a paycheck.
  4. Don’t hide what you’ve been through and learned from.

Justin has led MFRG-ICON to complete 28,000+ units of affordable housing and $1.7B in construction.

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Justin Krueger