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Jeannie Deml

“We don’t get do-overs,” says Jeannie Deml. “Challenges are where we have the opportunity to grow.” With Jeannie at the helm, Enerquip has more than doubled sales, its culture defined by a steadfast commitment to being extraordinary, even in adversity.

For Jeannie, extraordinary performance comes from extraordinary people. And the foundation is an extraordinary culture. Here is how she built one:

  1. Foster a safe space to talk. Look at issues objectively.
  2. Always bear in mind: “What is the next thing we need to work on, do better or uncover.”
  3. Create a culture playbook. (Enerquip’s has 31 fundamentals!)
  4. Build an environment where all are respected.
  5. Equally prioritize culture with profitability.

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