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Greg Holsinger

U-GRO Learning Centres had its origins in the basement of a church. Under Greg Holsinger’s leadership, yearly revenues have grown to $22M, with 375 employees serving 1,900 children, in 14 locations. U-GRO now ranks among the top 50 for-profit childcare organizations in North America, every step of the way staying grounded in its core values: Serve, grow, be positive.

Credited as having built a company that lives and breathes its mission, Greg shares the following guidance:

  1. Find purpose in all you do.
  2. Be positive. Create a safe, fun work environment.
  3. Put others before self and lead by example.
  4. Build on individual strengths. Align teams to those strengths.
  5. Growth means getting better, not just bigger.
  6. Trust is the hub of any retention plan.

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