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George Osterhout

“With our employees being our best asset, I choose to manage by footsteps,” says George Osterhout. George walks his entire plant daily to not only ensure operations are running smoothly, but that his people are happy and they are working together. His Chair explains, “When you walk the factory floor with George, he knows everyone by name and they all have great respect for him.”

George’s proven leadership tips:

  1. Treat your team with respect, dignity and a listening ear.
  2. Don’t work fast and dirty. Work fast and correct.
  3. Leverage the support and insights of your Vistage group.
  4. Use the 3-foot rule. The smartest people in the building are those within three feet of the process.
  5. Invest in training so your team can do its work better. Give them ownership over the company’s success.

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