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Denny Hammack

When Denny Hammack acquired Patterson Pope in 1994, it was at $2.5M in revenue and 13 employees, with offices in NC and SC. Today, with a mission to “solve the STUFF problems of the world,”  it’s at $60M+, 185+ employees, with offices in 10 states from OH to FL.

“Success comes in many different styles, shapes and sizes,” Denny says, reflecting on how he built his team of 35 sales reps. A peer’s guidance inspired Denny’s 180 from believing his team needed to fit a mold, to welcoming diverse approaches. “Different people work in different ways… if the core of what they bring is really good, they’re going to succeed,” he says.

Denny’s tips:

  1. Listen intently.
  2. Be open-minded.
  3. Embrace individual paths to success.

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Denny Hammack