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Dan Diepenhorst

Do the right thing. Show people you care. Do your personal best. Under Dan Diepenhorst’s leadership, Legacy Mutual Mortgage has reached record revenue and been named an SABJ “Best Place to Work” for four consecutive years — never losing sight of its core values.

“I started out as a wide-eyed entrepreneur,” Dan says. “The biggest thing I’ve had to adjust, is to be more disciplined in our hiring practices.” Dan’s advice for building a strong team (gleaned from experience and 10 years as a
Vistage member):

  1. Trust but verify. Watch people’s actions, instead of just listening to their words.
  2. Slow down. Don’t just hire friends, or the first person that walks through the door.
  3. Put practices around hiring that are best for the organization.
  4. Take a chance on those with a good attitude and a hunger to learn.

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Dan Diepenhorst