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Since 2014, Nick Mattingly has led Switcher Studio to launch partner status with Facebook Live, LinkedIn Live, and Microsoft Stream.... Read More
Stalled by COVID-19 amid her best quarter to date, Julie Stewart pivoted to save her team and business, redirecting her... Read More
“As a leader, you do nothing alone — whose future Lifetime Achievement Award are YOU contributing to?” Guy Martin joined... Read More
Since assuming leadership of arc Thrift Stores, Lloyd Lewis has more than tripled revenue and increased EBITDA seven-fold, with a... Read More
David Voronin started his company at 23 years old, with one truck and one driver. After finding a niche, he... Read More
“Our vision is, ‘Love People by Serving Others,’” says Kiel Penrod. “Our passion for people far outweighs our desire for... Read More
In Kendra Aucker’s first year as CEO of Evangelical Community Hospital, she personally met with 2,000 staff members. “You can’t... Read More
“You have to have a strategy and a keen eye on profitability,” Nigel Lobo says, “however, culture is the glue... Read More
Internationally renowned surgeon, Dr. Andrew Campbell, expanded Quintessa Aesthetic Center by taking a hard look at leadership and making culture... Read More
“With our employees being our best asset, I choose to manage by footsteps,” says George Osterhout. George walks his entire... Read More

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Nick Mattingly