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“The more good people who own good businesses, the more profound the impact on communities,” says Kevin Lindsey. In the... Read More
Under the leadership of Chris Taylor, Fishers Technology has been named one of Idaho’s “Best Places to Work” for 11... Read More
With Don Hairhoger’s leadership over the past 36 years, Composites One has grown significantly through acquisitions and organic growth. “Surround... Read More
Considered a pillar in the communities it serves, Quick Quack Carwash has 100+ locations, 1,000+ employees and adds new locations... Read More
As CEO/founder of MedSource, Eric Lund has led the CRO’s participation in 800+ clinical trials globally. MedSource is built on... Read More
Building his current firm from scratch, Jim Rich found anything less than striving for excellence would not suffice, were his... Read More
David Camiener built AMRESCO into a $60M powerhouse, sold at an enviable premium, and is now working to replicate this... Read More
A “voice of wisdom” in his Vistage group, Mark Lee has converted a century-old family business into a learning organization... Read More
At the helm of Volunteers of America Mid- States, Jennifer Hancock champions the 124-year-old nonprofit’s mission of changing lives. The... Read More
In boating, tacking is when you change course by turning into and through the wind. Mike Mills applied the principle... Read More
Mills Properties, Inc. asks prospective tenants, “What inspires you to come home?” As CIRO/CMO, Al Ryan asks his team, “What... Read More
Revenues doubled. Staff doubled. Distribution tripled. Andy Mitchell has led Idaho’s largest distributor of beer, wine and premium non-alcoholic beverages... Read More

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Kevin Lindsey