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What are the Vistage Member Excellence Awards?

Developing the right finishing process for 3-D printed parts

What are the
Vistage Member Excellence Awards?

Incredible journeys. Inspirational triumphs. Vistage members know no limits.

​Amid a mountain of challenges, you have the drive to attempt the seemingly impossible. To work harder than you ever have before. To lead in unprecedented times. And to do it all again tomorrow.

​In three categories, the Vistage Member Excellence Awards celebrate those steadfast in both their leadership climb, and their embodiment of Vistage values.

Impact Award
(1-3 years’ tenure)

The progress of Vistage’s newest members is awe-inspiring. Dedicated new members reach significant heights within their first years, with lasting impact on their company, their group and their community.

Leadership Award
(3+ years’ tenure)

What defines a trailblazing leader? Day in, day out — they make a discernible difference that reverberates far beyond their business. Their climb lays the groundwork for the future.

Lifetime Achievement Award
(10+ years’ tenure)

These members see no finish line in their pursuit of world-class. With a track record of bold decisions benefiting company, community and beyond, they are a beacon to Vistage peers even as they achieve personal greatness.

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