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Editor’s Letter

Developing the right finishing process for 3-D printed parts

Dear members,


What a year it has been. As I sit down to write this letter, the sentiment I want to express comes down to three things: gratitude, pride and anticipation.

It’s in gratitude I reflect on the achievements of Vistage members this year, some of which are highlighted in this e-book. The journey to true leadership isn’t easy — it’s the challenge of a lifetime. It’s with gratitude I applaud your perseverance in staying the course (or charting a new one) — doing what had to be done for your companies, teams, families and beyond.

It’s with pride I think of the many stories I’ve heard of Vistage members supporting members, this year in particular. You freely offered your singular expertise and honest insights on hard-hitting issues, stepping in and stepping up for peers in their greatest time of need. Anchored in shared wisdom, you found your next foothold together. This e-book is a celebration of you.

It’s in anticipation I stand with you in boldly looking forward. As we put 2020 behind us, I can only imagine what the Vistage member community will achieve in 2021. You can’t change the mountain — but I know you’ll continue to own your climb.

It’s my hope this e-book experience captures for you not only Member Excellence Award winners’ journeys and triumphs, but in the bigger picture, the common thread of leadership distinction and integrity that connects the entire member community.

United, you withstood.


Mary Ellen Sheehy
SVP, Member Programs and Alliances | Vistage Worldwide, Inc.

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